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December 15, 2019  
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Topic Title: Fibroids
Created On: 08/09/2004 04:34 PM
 08/30/2017 02:35 AM

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 10/26/2016 06:45 AM

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<p>&#160;get well soon&#160;</p>
 12/02/2013 10:00 PM

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<p>Did you go see Dr. Junco in CA. I read about him and I want him or anyone who will do something close. Without taking out my Uterus. How long was recovery I'm not trying to Vaction out there. Just want to go get my surgery comeback. Anyone who has gone to see Dr. Junco tell me please! I want to get back into my life. </p>
 02/20/2013 10:47 AM

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Hi everyone,[br]New site with lots of information about fibroids. please check it out. new articles added frequently[br][url=][br][/url]best wishes isabel
 11/12/2010 02:18 AM

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Procedure of [url=]fibroid ablative procedures[/url] is usually done in the hospital with an overnight stay after the procedure. The patient is sedated and very sleepy during the procedure. The uterine arteries are most easily accessed from the femoral artery, which is at the crease at the top of the leg as shown in the figure.
 07/06/2010 02:59 PM

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I do not know much about Fibroids, but I know it enough that this is a health issue that concerns most of my elder female relatives. I am in my 20s; not the most common age and I would like to know about the prevention of getting one. It is always better to prevent it before you have it than treating when you have it. I have heard about eating right and exercise more, but do people have it check out once a while just to be sure? If so, how would I call it? Also, what are the symptom of having it? [br][br]Thanks and hope to hear from you
 01/18/2008 09:09 PM

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I am in the same situation. My husband and I are ready to have children, but due to the size of my uterus (19cm - 5 large fibroids and various small ones) I have not been happy with what I am hearing from various gyn's. I am actually a bit upset about the whole situation, because when I ws first diagnosed, I was told to watch and wait to see what will happen. The a couple years later
I was told I had to have a hysterectomy or myomectomy-which may result to hysterectomy if there is too much blood loss. So now I am 31 and can not do any of the new minimally evasive procedures, ex. Davenci robotic assisted procedure or laproscopic procedure, because I have waited and now my fibroids are very large and has distorted my uterus. I do have one more facility to research the female alternative sugery with lasers in California (Dr. Junco) . I am waiting to see if any one can actually speak on this procedure, because it is suppose to be a less evesive procedure compared to the myomectomy. Lasers are used to cut for minimal bloodloss (this is why the myomectomy is so risky for someone like me because the sugery is long and blood loss will occur) which means a higher chance of no transfusion or hysterectomy. They state they also use something to prevent from adhesions. I do not know if this information is reliable, I have researched it, but I want to be sure before I go across the US to have a extensive procedure like this done.

I wish you well and I hope you have a very successful turn out.
 01/18/2008 08:55 PM

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This is wonderful news and congratulations on your success.
 12/10/2004 07:10 AM

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I just wanted to encourage those of you with fibroids who want to have children. About 12 years ago, my husband and I were unable to conceive because of fibroids (large size and number of fibroids). I found an infertility specialist that had a lot of experience in performing myomectomies. The surgery was successful and we have 2 children now, ages 10 and 7. My fibroids have returned, and since we are finished having children, I am planning on having UFE to avoid another major surgery. DO NOT JUST ACCEPT HYSTERECTOMY AS YOUR OPTION!!! EXPLORE MYOMECTOMY TO PRESERVE YOUR FERTILITY!!!
 09/01/2004 10:38 AM

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Dear Anonymous I believe I trust my doctor. He has a great reputation and he is very comforting and upbeat about the situation. But, can a person ever really be sure about their doctor? My last doctor OBGYN was supposed to be good too and I had three miscarriages and he never suggested surgery for the fibroids, which he found after my first miscarriage- his attitude was- it is mother nature taking it's course!!!!! My current doctor is a specialist in the reproductive field. When I was having an ultrasound done - the technician said to me - if I had uterine fibroids and wanted to have children your doctor would be the person I would have do the surgery ( he is the best). So that is very comforting. I guess it is in the hands of someone more powerful then even the doctor, God will decide what he wants for me. Thank you so much your words of encouragement did really brighten my day. Thank you - Julie
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