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April 18, 2021  
COMMUNITY: Patient Stories
You are in the Uterine Fibroids patient stories. Choose a story from the list below. You may also:

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Jan. 24 Pregnancy and Uterine Fibroids [email protected]
Jun. 11 Family history of fibroids Anonymous
May. 03 It is Balloon! Anonymous
May. 03 Just Diagnosed [email protected]
May. 03 Just Diagnosed [email protected]
Apr. 29 Hysterectomy Anonymous
Jan. 19 18 inch fibroid [email protected]
Jan. 12 partial hysterectomy Anonymous
Sep. 28 A Total of 35 Fibroids Carmen
Sep. 09 Fibroid [email protected]
Sep. 09 Myomectomy Anonymous
May. 10 Fibroids to end in ... [email protected]
Apr. 17 Fibrovan Anonymous
Mar. 01 couple desires baby after ... Linda Jackson
Nov. 20 8.5cm Intramural Fibroid Jane
Nov. 11 fibroid free Anonymous
Oct. 31 9.2cm Uterine Fibroid Silvia
Oct. 14 Myomectomy (Laparotomy) Jackie Messick
Oct. 10 Fibroids and quality of life [email protected]
Sep. 26 Words of encouragement Ann Seiser
Aug. 09 Family History of Fibroids Hollie Ford
Aug. 05 GOING IN FOR SURG. SOON ... Nicole Pickernell
Jun. 17 my secret fibroids [email protected]
May. 27 I had a child with fibroids! Anonymous
May. 26 left alone Anonymous
May. 13 For Who Knowl? Dated Nov. 17th Anonymous
Mar. 21 fibroids Anonymous
Mar. 12 Fibroids Anonymous
Jan. 17 uterine fibroids dutchie
Dec. 30 Endometrial Biopsy?? Anonymous

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