Bladder pressure

Topic Title: Bladder pressure
Created On: 11/27/2006 08:41 PM

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 08/11/2012 09:41 PM

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Hello I'm new here hoping these discussions can help me more than the doctor bc they have not been any help. They just say oh uterine fibroids are normal and that's all. So I'm kind of experiencing some of the same stuff you are. I have bladder pressure constant urge to go pee it feels like a mild UTI but it's not I have a 1.9 cm anterior uterine fibroid do you think that's even big enough to cause bladder pressure? Or do u think it's something else. U said yours feels like a UTI did you happen to get tested to see if UTI ever went away or do you think it s the fibroid. Do your doctor tell you if it's anterior or wher exactly it's at at all? From what I could find anterior would cause the bladder pressure just don't know if 1.9cm fibroid is big enough to.

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 11/27/2006 08:41 PM

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I am 41 and found that I had fibroids when I was pregnant 4 years ago. My last ultrasound on the fibroids 2 years ago showed that they had regrown after the baby was born. My OB/GYN was really non-chalant about them--no worries he said. I have bloating in my stomach that I have blamed on IBS that has progressed over the past few years and am now plagued with something new. I am wondering if anyone out there has problems with bladder/UTI infections or just a pressure like feeling on the bladder? I had a bladder infection a month ago that has not totally gone away. I have had them before, always clearing up asap with an antibiotic. I have been on 3 antibiotics in almost a month. Before I had this, I noticed a sharp pain in my groin area that lasted a few days. I have low back pain and pain in my side--not all the time, just comes and goes. Also a sharp pain thats located in my lower stomach, on the left side--and a discharge--faint and not consistent but still there. Wondering if any of these are symptoms of the fibroids that anyone else shares? I have a dr. appt tomorrow. Hopefully that will ease my mind some but I am so worried that the fibroids I have are growing or have multiplied (I did have 3 at last ultrasoud). Thanks so much...feel free to reply to my email
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