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Created On: 11/23/2007 08:37 PM

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 01/03/2009 11:31 PM

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Hi Barbara,I see that you live in New Orleans. I was wondering if you had the UFE for your fibroids. If so, can you tell me who was your radiologist. It is so hard to find a dr. with experience on UFE. I too, have large fibroids and I am searching for someone in NOLA to perform the procedure.If you had the procedure can you share with me your experience.Thanks.please email me your answer at
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 11/23/2007 08:37 PM

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I discovered I have fibroids in August of this year. My OBGYN informed me that I have "several" fibroids but he wouldn't give me the actual number or size. He suggested that I go to a specialist so the fibroids can be removed. He stated that the specialist will remove the fibroids much more "carefully" than they would. My issue and questions are:1. Has anyone had their fibroids removed? If so, which procudure and the recovery time?2. Once removed, how was conception? Were you able to conceive right away or were there complications?Any and all personal insight on this will be greatly appreciated.Thanks, Barbara

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