Considering Hysterectomy - Should I?

Topic Title: Considering Hysterectomy - Should I?
Created On: 01/24/2008 02:37 PM

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 05/26/2008 01:15 PM

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Hello,I am 44, the age that menopause is "right around the corner" for me. For me it is very important that I keep my female anatomy for others it is not.I was diagnosed, just recently 05/08, with a fibroid (9 cm) between the size of a tennis ball and a grapefruit. hum! I have spent the last month looking at all the alternatives to the Dear Dr's only option given to me, a hysterectomy. If you are still researching. I would suggest looking into all the Pros and all the cons. Yes there are many scary stories out there on this topic. Right now I am looking at the statistics. Granted they can be scewed. They help with the information gathering at this point. a Hysterectomy is final. You need to make absolutely sure you have all the facts. Good and bad. I suggest looking into the female anatomy and all the functions that your uterus, ovaries, cervix do. Look at all the nerves, arteries, ligaments and how this all ties in. To answer this question, there are many many variables to consider. Only you can come up with the right choice that fits your "gut" feeling and takes care of your needs.When you arm yourself with information, the out come of your choice could give you peace of mindSincerelyhuniesmoni
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 01/24/2008 02:37 PM

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I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids two years ago, though I suspect I've had them for a while. Over the past two years, my symptoms have gotten worse -- bad clotting and cramps during my period, distended belly, pressure on my bladder (especially at night), bowel symptoms, and horrendous cramps after orgasm (anyone else get that??). The latest symptom is especially fun -- horrible back pain, not just during my period.I'm scheduled for another ultrasound next week to see how much the fibroids have grown since my last one two years ago. My doctor and I discussed the possibility of my having a hysterectomy, since the above symptoms are really starting to affect me daily. I'm only 32, and I have no children. But, my husband and I have been married for 10 years, and we absolutely have no desire to have kids (in fact, we had been planning on having him get a vasectomy later this year). As I see it, the pros for doing it are:- relief from my fibroids- no period- no need to take birth control and worry about getting pregnantI don't really know the cons -- I keep hearing some scary stories online, but I don't know how prevalent those issues are. And I know some people would say, "Why not just get a myectomy"? I don't really want to go through a medical procedure that may or may not resolve the problem for me...that I may have to do again a few years from now. I guess I'd rather just do the sure thing. But I'm still investigating at this any info that you might have, please tell me.
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