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Created On: 10/17/2004 10:38 PM

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 10/17/2004 10:38 PM

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Hello I am 37 years old. I have one child (11 years old) that right it's been 11 years and I'm still trying. With 6 miscarriages and 1 etopic, they finally found out why I couldn't get preganat. During a rush to the emergency unit,(miscarring) I found the best geno I've ever had. She was able fill me in on everything that was going on with my body. Because of my etopic experience, she put me under, while I was miscarring, and told me she will be peforming surgery to check out my womb and tubes. (and will do everthing possible to save my tubes). After the miscarriage and surgery, she explained to me that I had lots of fibroids that was blocking the growth of a baby, and she was able to remove them, as well as scaring in my left tube. She then promised me that the next time I try to get pregnant I will succeed. Well 8 months later...she was 100% right. I got pregant...but unfortuntely I was not able to go through with this pregancy. It was a shame because for 11 years I was trying my hardness and no doctor could have helped me till now. I was going through a divorce and there was no way in a million years I would keep this baby. Well the sad part of my story is 3 years later I met a wonderful man who has no children and is very much ready have children. Again I'm experiencing the same problem. I can't get pregnant again. So here I go again...This wonderful geno is going to perform the same surgery she did three years again. We are hoping and praying this will work. Someone tell me what they you think it's possible can I get pregnant.
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