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October 27, 2020  
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Topic Title: Fibroids at 22
Created On: 11/06/2006 03:05 PM
 06/19/2007 12:58 PM

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"It is our choices Harry,that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"

I can't tell you if you should get the children that you want now, or wait and hope you'll be able to give birth again later. Only you and your husband know.

However, you could start with Depo Preva and see if it works before choosing embolization. I think it's the same treatment I am going through, but in Denmark where I come from, it is called Zoladex. My bleedings have decreased significantly, and I don't need so many pain relievers anymore. On the other hand, I sweat a lot, and that may be unpleasant, too. However, I'm not displeased with the change, when I think of how sick I was feeling sometimes. Besides heavy periods, pelvis pain, diarrhoea, nausea and sometimes cystitis were frequently symptoms before I started my treatments. That said, I am 44 and starting my natural menopause.

Do tell your Gyn your troubles with intercourse. The sexual life can't (always) avoid being affected by fibroids, partly because of pain, partly because we may be bleeding most time. Gynaecologists experience such problems several times during their careers. By the way it's my personal experience that "GYNs" are a very special lot. Nothing seems to impress/surprise them - apart from the fact that they feel pity for the poor woman.

The best wishes,
 11/06/2006 03:05 PM

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Hi, at 18 years old I was diagnosed with 1 fibroid at 2cm, I got preganant at 19 and had my daughter at 20. At 17 i was diagnosed with pre cervical cancer CIN III, and had emergency surgery done, I have had no pre cervical cancer for 5 years and just up until last year it came back. Now at 23, I have 2 fibroids now meauring at 8cm and the second one at 2 cm. I have all the symptoms of heavy bleeding, which Im on birth control for, back pain, painful intercourse and terrible cramps , which I take Ponstel for. My precervical cancer is very low so I have to go back in Dec for another biopsy and colposcopy to see if It got worst. I was told I can do embolization but no guarentee of children after, I was told to go on the depo provera shot, but will go through temporary menopause, I was told the only way to take out my fibroids is by a abdominal myomectomy which no doctor will do becuase I am only 22. I do want more children, not now though. Am I being selfish? Should I have my children now? Is there another way around this? I have an appt with the GYN to tell him about the pain during intercourse I have been having more and more each time, I feel kind of stupid telling him this.. It seems so embarrasing but It bothers me to the point where I don't even want to have sex.
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