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Educating Patients on their Options
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April 18, 2021  

Dr. Joseph Bernstein

Dr. Joseph Bernstein: Bringing Hope to Patients

May 08, 2008

Dr. Bernstein, of Professional Radiology, Inc., is an interventional radiologist serving the Jewish Hospital, the Christ Hospital, and the Fort Hamilton Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. He received his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School, completed his internship at the University of Illinois, Cook County Hospital, and completed a fellowship in Radiology at the Michael Reese Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago.

With a deep concern for the pain and suffering of his patients, Dr. Bernstein endeavors to find new and inventive ways to improve the healthcare he provides. In 1997, Dr. Bernstein was the first physician in Cincinnati to perform Uterine Fibroid Emobilization (UFE). Since that time he has evaluated more than 800 women. With his energetic and compassionate approach to patient care, Dr. Bernstein brings hope to his patients.

Fibroids1: What got you interested in the field of fibroid treatment?

Dr. Bernstein: Patient care. The role of an interventional radiologist is set apart from diagnostic radiology by virtue of patient care and performing procedures to alleviate pain, and improve blood flow, as well as embolization and ablation of benign and malignant tumors. UFE allowed me to care for patients and be more involved with consulting and advising them of the types of procedures and treatment options available.

Fibroids1: Ten years ago you were on the cutting edge of interventional radiology for fibroid treatment. How does it feel to see the use of interventional radiology grow into a very common practice?

Dr. Bernstein: I am like a proud father. There is no doubt that the efforts of the IR have benefited both cardiology and vascular surgeons. Not to forget oncologists in the treatment of cancer patients.

Fibroids1: Where do you see the technology going?

Dr. Bernstein: I believe the days of the IR are closing as cardiology and vascular surgeons self refer the patients, closing the program development for radiology departments. However, there will always be compassionate radiologists that will stand above the rest.

Fibroids1: Why has UFE been so effective?

Dr. Bernstein: The basis of the procedure is sound. It cuts off the blood supply to hypervascular tumors of which fibroids are a good example. And the symptoms resolve.

Fibroids1: How do patients respond to UFE? Do you get any frequent questions from patients and how do you answer these questions?

Dr. Bernstein: Women are very much into directing their care when it comes to hysterectomy vs. UFE. Patients can spend 10 minutes but usually 45 minute to 1 hour with us in conversation about the symptoms they have and what they can expect from embolization. I have always given them the extra time for this, as some patients need the support and it makes them excited with the decision they made and not scared. The role of a good physician is to comfort and prepare the patient for the treatment one provides them. When we’re sick and we’re little kids you want your mom to come and tickle your back and give you tea. Most patients want to be taken care of – compassion. We can explain what we’re doing and ease people’s nervousness and anxiety.

Last updated: 08-May-08

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